About Us

The ability and experience of selling businesses can be extremely valuable to a business owner.

I have been a business broker for 15 years and been involved in many different transactions over that time. I started the company because I saw an opportunity to offer a professional service to people who were looking to sell their businesses.  

We only do one thing – Sell Businesses.  We are highly specialized and work with a small number of clients in order to provide a hands on service.

Market knowledge – Our constant involvement with the market keeps us current and connected to buyers and investors.

Success Driven Firm – We only get compensated on the successful conclusion of a sale.  

Our expertise is in managing all aspects that can come up during a transaction. We try and build a consultative relationship with clients based on sound advice and efficient timely service.  Our experience helps a business Owner when it comes to best presenting their company and in understanding and explaining the different scenarios that can come up during a transaction and in turn determining the best course of action.

There are many business owners in Canada who plan to sell their businesses in the coming years. Businesses do not sell themselves.  Today we all operate in an unforeseen and unique environment. Nevertheless, profitable companies continue to be in demand.  If you have such a business and are considering selling it, feel free to call us.

Reliant Commercial Inc. is governed by the rules of the Real Estate Services Act of British Columbia and are Certified Business Intermediaries with the International Business Brokers Association, as a consequence we have strict regulatory obligations to clients, in terms of confidentiality, fiduciary responsibility, loyalty and in serving their best interests.  This also allows us to sell the associated real estate assets of the business.

Reliant Commercial Inc. holds valid Brokerage and Managing Brokers licenses under the Real Estate Services Act of British Columbia. As a result we: (1) Maintain Errors and Omissions Insurance; (2) are permitted to draft contracts and (3) accept deposits into our audited Trust Accounts and have a fiduciary responsibility and duty to our clients.