About Us

The ability to professionally present a business for sale, to negotiate and conclude a transaction is a valuable service for a company owner as it is a time-consuming process with constant demands best handled by someone familiar with all the possible issues that may come up during a transaction.

We have been business brokers in British Columbia focusing on the Vancouver region for many years, firstly because we call this area our home, but also because we saw an opportunity to offer a professional service to people that are looking to sell their businesses.  We have been involved in many transactions over the past few years and our experience and knowledge can be very helpful to owners looking to sell.

We only do one thing – Sell Businesses.  We are highly specialized and work with a small number of clients and provide a hands on service.  We enjoy a 75% success rate on our business sale engagements.

Market knowledge – Our constant involvement with the market keeps us current and connected to buyers and investors.  In order to reach out to and attract the right buyer a methodical, systematic and creative approach is required as there are many other companies also for sale.  The way a business is presented is very important. Not only is a realistic and justifiable valuation based on financial performance cruical but so is an assessment of the other factors that go into making a business successful.

Companies that are generating soild profits are in demand from professional buyers that want to add to their portfolios and also from individual buyers who will themselves manage and run the business.  The demand for quality companies is constant.

Success Driven Firm – We are committed to achieving a fast and successful closure to the transactions we are involved with as we understand our client’s needs – we also only get compensated on the transaction close.  Our skill and expertise is in working with buyers and sellers in managing all aspects that may come up during the transaction. We try and build a consultative relationship with clients based on sound advice and efficient and flexible service.

There are many business owners in western Canada who expect to sell their businesses in the coming years. Businesses do not sell themselves.  The more planning and preparation you do the better the chances of a successful conclusion.  Over the years we have helped many owners sell their companies in many different industries.  Our experience helps when it comes to presenting a company in an honest and thorough way and also to understanding each scenario that may come up during negotiations and in determining the best course of action in order to keep the deal on track and to close it.

Reliant Commercial Inc. is governed by the rules of the Real Estate Services Act of British Columbia and are Certified Business Intermediaries with the International Business Brokers Association, as a consequence we have strict regulatory obligations to clients, in terms of confidentiality, fiduciary responsibility, loyalty and in serving their best interests.  This also allows us to sell the associated real estate assets of the business.

Reliant Commercial Inc. holds valid Brokerage and Managing Brokers licenses under the Real Estate Services Act of British Columbia. As a result we: (1) Maintain Errors and Omissions Insurance; (2) are permitted to draft contracts and (3) accept deposits into our audited Trust Accounts and have a fiduciary responsibility and duty to our clients.