Reliant is an experienced business transaction advisory company offering clients a unique service through which they can sell their companies. By leveraging our extensive partnerships and relationships cultivated over many years, we provide a comprehensive network of knowledge and expertise to manage every aspect of your business sale.

We are Vancouver based business brokers that sell companies in Canada. Our process begins by providing a business valuation.  We then confidentially market the business and help in negotiating the terms of a sale and offer advice and assistance along the way. We also provide access to all related professional and financing services required to complete the transaction.

Proper planning to successfully exit a business can deliver tremendous value and if you are considering selling your business, professional advice is certainly useful.

2018 was a good year for Reliant Commercial Inc. and we are optimistic about 2019 because:

1. The BC economy is in very good shape with confidence growing amongst business owners looking to expand their businesses, acquisitions represent an immediate means of achieving growth.

2. Businesses that have been doing well and are able to provide confidence to buyers of their sustainability are now in a good position to sell.

3. There are numerous active buyers looking to acquire businesses. These buyers rely less on bank lending and are looking for good investment returns.

4. There is increasing demand from international buyers for businesses because of the positive outlook for BC and the attractiveness of Canada in general.

Which businesses will sell in 2019?

Businesses which sell typically have the same traits, they:

• Operate in a niche market with some barriers to entry.
• Have consistent recurring revenue.
• Good profit margins.
• Demonstrate growth and also opportunities to expand.

Canada will see a major shift in business ownership in the coming years as the baby boomer generation moves to retire.  Three in five owners of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses are 50 or older, and many are already thinking about selling or passing on their companies.  By 2020 a staggering trillion dollars of Canadian business assets could be transferred (Canadian Federation of Independent Business).

In order for your business to stand out in such a competitive market the benefits of professional representation should not be underestimated. At Reliant Commercial, we are always willing to offer advice on the various issues related to selling a business.

Feel free to contact Christopher Juras on 604.786.2046.