Buying a Business in British Columbia, Canada

The key to successfully buying a business is to fully investigate before closing any transaction.

Questions that need to be asked include:

  • What’s the future of the product or service? Are sales expanding?
  • Is there an established market with a good repeat customer base?
  • What about the labour situation? Will the key personnel stay?
  • What employee severance liabilities will be inherited?
  • What is seller’s role and will they train and assist post-sale?
  • What about product warranties and liabilities?
  • How did you value the business?
  • Is working capital included in the purchase price or will you have to come up with more money?

We, as business brokers, can help with all of the above items, and can also help in identifying suitable targets, to value those targets, to negotiate the terms of the acquisition and to arrange financing for the purchase.

Acquisition Services

We often help and work with buyers that are actively looking to buy a business.  This is at no cost to the Purchaser as we co-operate with the Selling Agent (and our fees are paid by that Selling Agent).

We search for and identify companies that are for sale on people’s behalf.

We obtain all the relevant financial information and assist a Buyer in assessing a business and help them understand how business evaluations are done.

We provide advice on how best to structure an offer, assist in the negotiations and help with the due diligence.

We also provide access to all the related professional (legal) and financing services that they may require to complete the transaction.