Completed Transactions

Over the past ten years we have worked with more than 100 different companies and at any one time we typically represent around ten.  We provide a hands-on service and try to sell them quickly and at their optimum value.  In the recent past we have sold the following businesses:

Plumbing and Heating Company

Annual revenues: $2.8 M. Owner’s Income: $300,000. Priced at $1,000,000

The company provides high quality services and products for plumbing, drainage, heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality related issues for commercial and residential projects throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Been in existence for over four decades. Strong team of qualified staff that are licensed, insured and bonded.

Medical Products wholesaler.

Annual revenue: $1M. Owner’s income: $225k. Priced at: $825k.

A wholesaler of gloves and sanitary consumables to clients in the medical, dental, pharmacy, grocery store, food, industrial and end-user markets. A family owned and operated business that has been in existence for 28 years.

Wholesale Tour Operator.

Annual revenue: $2.5M.  Owner’s income: $535k.  Priced at: $1.3M.

A receptive tour operator providing tours in Western Canada to large European wholesalers for the past 20 years.  Healthy margins (20-25%).  Sold within five months.

Property Management company.

EBITDA $200k.  Priced at: $700k

Manages residential investment properties and Strata properties of all types. Many large complexes (of 100 plus units). Sold within five months.

Vacation Rental Service.

Annual revenue: $925k.  Owner’s income: $220k.  Priced at: $825k.

Vacation home management company focused on Whistler, BC.

HVAC installation and service business.

Annual Sales: $3. 1M.  Priced at: $975k.  Owner’s income: $340k.

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for commercial projects with some of the largest developers in Vancouver.  Sold within six months.

Wholesaler (Sporting goods).

Annual sales: $1.6M.  Priced at: $750k.  Owner’s Income: $351k.

Importer and wholesaler of leisure products to some of the largest retailers in North America (Costco, K-Mart, Loblaws Canada, Walmart Mexico, Aldi USA, London Drugs Canada).  Sold within three months.

Home Care services

Annual revenues: $925k. Priced at $575k.  Owner’s income: $225k.

Provider of “at home care services” to older people who choose to live at home rather than in a full-time care facility.  Sold within four months.



Other clients were in the following industry categories:

Breweries. Healthcare. Manufacturing.  Professional Services.  Construction service companies.