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Reliant Commercial Inc. specializes in the sale of businesses in Canada. Based in Vancouver the company has over the past 15 years assisted many business owners in different industries with the sale of their businesses. We have learnt and know how to price a business and how to market it, to find the right Buyer and to sell it. This experience can be extremely valuable to a business owner.

Reliant is set-up to offer a personal one-to-one service based on an ethos of honesty and expediency. Selling a business is often a once in a lifetime event which can be daunting for an Owner. We therefore make sure you know what to expect at each step of the way and guide you through the process from the initial appraisal to the successful conclusion.

Established and profitable businesses continue to get a good deal of interest from well-financed and strategic buyers that are looking to expand their operations through acquisitions. Canada is seeing a major shift in business ownership as the baby boomer generation retires. In order for a business to stand out in this competitive market the benefits of professional representation should not be underestimated.

The Managing Director

Christopher Juras

He has an international business background. Focused mainly on finance and technology, he has worked in London, in Europe, throughout North America and also in Asia.  Over the past 30 years he has been involved with a variety of projects, as both a principal and in an advisory capacity. He was the Managing Director of his own financial services company and prior to this he ran his own Financial Public Relations business, focused on raising venture capital for companies and in this role he worked closely with many successful entrepreneurs.

His experience of running his own businesses coupled with consulting experience at senior management level, gives Christopher a good insight into the business world. His experience with a wide diversity of businesses, markets and individuals is useful to clients who are looking to buy or sell a business.

In his spare time Chris spends his time travelling and hiking the major pilgrim routes of Europe. Christopher is also the Honorary Consul for Lithuania, a position he has held since 1996.

Which businesses will sell in 2024?

The businesses we sell typically have the same traits, they:


Operate in a niche market with some barriers to entry.


Have recurring revenue.


Good profit margins.


Demonstrate growth opportunities.

Proper planning and representation when exiting a business can deliver tremendous value. A discussion around the related topics can certainly be useful to a business Owner. If you would like to discuss your exit strategy or any business sale decisions you are facing feel free to contact us.

About Company

The company started because I saw an opportunity to offer a professional service to people who were looking to exit their businesses.  I have been a broker for 15 years now and been involved in many different transactions in many different industries over that time. We have learnt and know how to price a business and how to market it, to find the right Buyer and to sell it. This experience can be extremely valuable to a business owner.

We only do one thing – Sell Businesses.

We are highly specialized and work with a small number of clients in order to provide a hands on service.

Market knowledge

Success Driven Firm

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We Will guide You Every Step Of The Way

Our expertise is in managing all aspects that can come up during a transaction. We try and build a consultative relationship with clients based on sound advice and efficient timely service.  There are many business owners in Canada who plan to sell their businesses in the coming years. Businesses certainly do not sell themselves.  Our experience helps the business Owner when it comes to best presenting their company and in understanding and explaining the various scenarios that can come up during a transaction and in turn determining the best course of action.

Reliant Commercial Inc. is governed by the rules of the Real Estate Services Act of British Columbia and are Certified Business Intermediaries with the International Business Brokers Association, as a consequence we have strict regulatory obligations to clients, in terms of confidentiality, fiduciary responsibility, loyalty and in serving their best interests.  This also allows us to sell the associated real estate assets of the business.

Reliant Commercial Inc. holds valid Brokerage and Managing Brokers licenses under the Real Estate Services Act of British Columbia.

– Maintain Errors and Omissions Insurance;

– permitted to draft contracts;

– accept deposits into our audited Trust Accounts and have a fiduciary responsibility and duty to our clients.

Any questions, Contact Me

Contact me to connect with a dedicated Business Broker Specialist who can help you navigate the complexities of selling a business.