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Immigrating to Canada


Canada has a population of 35 million.  The country is one of the 8 most developed countries in the world and residents enjoy a high standard of living.

For those people who are concerned about personal security, environmental pollution, cost of medical services, and education for their children, Canada is an ideal country to live.

Canada's liberal immigration policies open the door to people from all nationalities. People in Canada are free to have their own religion and to express their own opinions.  The country is an excellent example of multiculturalism.

Canada offers great business possibilities for investors and entrepreneurs. It is a member of NAFTA, enjoys good relations with many countries, and has substantial commercial trade with other countries including China.

Immigration to Canada

There are several ways to apply for residence in Canada.

  1. As an investor
  2. As an entrepreneur
  3. As an artist of well known prestige
  4. As a political refugee

Government of Canada Guaranteed Program - Passive Investment

Created in 1986, the Immigrant Investor Program has attracted over 25,000 investors to Canada. It is a national program managed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

How to qualify as a passive investor in the Canadian economy?

Satisfy the following four government selection criteria:

Active Investment - Start or buy a business

Many Canadian Provinces have a program that allows accelerated immigration for businessmen that wish to move to Canada (with their families) and become permanent residents. These programs consider applications from businesspeople who plan to invest and actively manage a business.

We specialize and assist in this area. We represent businesses of all types and sizes that are for sale in British Columbia. We provide all the relevant information in order to help analyize and understand a company. We work with Buyers to negotiate the purchase, assist with financing and manage the entire transaction. We work with business and immigration lawyers to make sure the whole process is completed from start to finish.