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Not all the business we currently have for sale are listed below as due to confidentiality issues some of our businesses are marketed in other ways. Feel free to call us to find out what other companies we are representing and also to discuss what you are looking for.

Health Care placement agency

Annual revenues: $10.8 M. EBITDA: $1.2 M

The business provides quality medical placement services to the Canadian health care market and is mainly focused on specialty trained and regular nurses. Their clients are every hospital and Long-Term care center in Canada.  The company has built a good reputation over the last 20 years and has a very seasoned and experienced staff in place.  The need for health care and nursing services is undisputed.  The older population is expected to more than triple between now and 2050 in Canada and the United States.  This business is greatly affected by a growing and aging population as nurses play a significant role in delivering this care.  As Canadians age, the need for skilled nursing care only grows. 

The owner oversees operations and manages the staff.  This is a profitable business that has made the owner a very good living.  The owner is now looking to retire and would provide full-training and on-going support (if required for one year).

The company could also be grown by expanding into Home Care, Per Diem nurses or permanent placement for MD's.  Allied healthcare providers could also be part of the offering scope i.e.) pharmacists, locums, etc.

Custom metal fabrication - Priced at $325,000

Annual Sales: $1.3 M.  Owners income: $165,000

The business provides the commercial, industrial, residential and marine industries with custom metal fabrication solutions. The company is a full service manufacturing company with the manpower and equipment to meet the market demands of quality, tolerance, timeline and budgets.  For the residential market they design, fabricate and install railings, fencing, balconies or any other custom pieces required by their clients and for the marine market they do the design and fabrication of sailing jigs and ship cradles.

Sound sytem and smart-home design (with high-end retail showroom) - Priced at $600,000

Annual revenues: $2.8 M.  Owner's income $150,000

The company has been an institution for home theatre, hi-fi and consumer electronics in Vancouver for over 60 years and offers a number of services (sales, design, installations and service).  The company has unique differentiation across its divisions that sets it apart from the competition. First, its broad offering of products distinguishes it from competitors as the company has access to leading global product lines. Additionally, the company has a wide breadth of expertise and technical know-how in the design and service divisions. 

Canadian medical and food services supplier

Annual revenues: $996,000 Owner's income: $227,000

The business is a wholesaler of gloves and sanitary consumables to clients in the medical, dental, pharmacy, grocery store, food, industrial and end-user markets in Canada.  This is an established Vancouver based family owned business that has been operating for over 27 years and has made the Owner a very good living.  He is now looking to retire. 

The company has built a good reputation over that time and has long-term clients in Canada (mainly in BC).  Retail customers are responsible for 15% of sales, wholesalers for 35% and 50% of business comes directly from high-profile commercial/industrial clients.  A unique feature of this business is that they have active sales agreements to supply product for up to 36 months in the future.  The owner oversees operations and manages the staff. The company could also be grown by expanding into more medical and healthcare customers.

Jewellery wholesaler - Priced at $1,100,00

Annual revenues:  $1.1 M.  Owner's income: $380,000

This is a wholesaler of jewellery to clients in Canada and the United States.  It has an excellent account base of customers built up over the last 20 years and supplies approximately 150 companies across North America.  Their jewellery is made from sterling silver and gold vermeil.  Sales and profitability have grown consistently in the last number of years as the increasing popularity and demand for on-trend jewellery continues to grow.  They have their own exclusive designs, a high quality production partner, and offer very competitive pricing.   

Organic food grower - Priced at $275,000 - UNDER OFFER

Annual revenues: $360,000.  Owner's income: $103,000

The business grows organic specialty foods for high-end restaurants and select retailers in the Vancouver area. By providing the highest quality products to this niche market the company has established a regular clientele and is a fast-growing company with sales increasing rapidly (revenues were up by 54% in 2016 and by 42% in 2017).  The facility is 4,500 sq. ft. and contains the growing and production area and an office.  

Manufacture and installation of gaskets for commercial kitchens - Priced at $199,000

Annual revenues: $223,000.  Owner's income: $93,000

The company is one of the largest manufacturers/installers of commercial refrigerator gaskets for restaurants, commercial kitchens and the hospitality industry in Metro Vancouver.  The business is based on an essential service needed by everyone in the food industry and caters only to commercial clients. Clients include chain restaurants, chain hotels and institutions (such as: Milestones, Wendy's, Pizza Hut, SUBWAY, The Boathouse Restaurants, A&W, The Keg).  In the last three years the business has worked for over 400 separate accounts and some of these accounts have been customers of the company since the year the business started in 2012.  75% of its current customers have been with the company for more than three years. 

The business provides high-quality service and is a stable business with consistent revenues and profitability and has a good reputation among its clients for professional, dependable service.  The acquisition of this business is an opportunity to benefit from an established client base.  The current owner works approximately 20 hours per week scheduling staff and talking to clients.


UNDER OFFER means that there is an accepted Offer in on the business and the buyer is doing his or her due diligence. It may not conclude, so back-up Offers are still looked at and reviewed.